Is it possible to build and dry nails with the same model? What power should the lamp be? These are just a few of the questions that girls face when thinking about buying the appropriate equipment. We tried to solve the upcoming challenges through our rating of the best manicure lamps of 2019, taking into account the interests of different users. First, we propose to deal with the classification of existing models in order to understand what exactly you need: Look here for additional insights: best uv nail lamp

· table lamps - for people who do not see the point in overpaying for drying gel polish when creating a manicure;

· UV lamps are low cost fluorescent lamps that emit ultraviolet light. Suitable for drying gel polish, gel, biogel, gel paint. Heat up to 50 ° C, which is fraught with burns;

· LED lamps are more expensive models based on LEDs. They are stable, ecological and safe. Doesn't require as much maintenance costs as UV lamps;

· CCFL lamps - they cope with drying much faster than their ultraviolet counterparts, as they work on the basis of gas through which electricity passes and safe light is emitted. Such models are expensive and are more often used by professionals;

· Hybrid lamps are a commercial technique that combines the advantages of UV, LED and CCFL lamps.


This category provides equipment for people who do not see the need to purchase a special lamp for drying and extending nails. Nevertheless, they value comfort and understand how important the organization of the workplace plays in the implementation of the tasks. Considering the financial capabilities of different users, we have collected the best budget and premium lamps for manicure tables, attracting the maximum level of convenience. The price ranges from 1,000 to 4,000 rubles. Start from the budget and personal requirements for such inventions.

Camelion Light Solution KD-312 C01

The Camelion Light Solution KD-312 C01 model, made in a classic style, opens the rating of table lamps for manicure. The model from the Russian manufacturer attracts with a long service life, a strong clamp. The downside is that the white shade gets dirty quickly. Of the advantages, one can single out a simple tilt adjustment, a simple swivel mechanism. Power is 60W, base type: E27. It is worth noting that the developers took care of the availability of a sufficiently long network cable - 160 centimeters.

Arte Lamp Desk A5810LT-1SI

Another budget manicure table lamp that attracts with an acceptable cost and good build quality. This is a stylish Italian device that complements the Desk collection. Thanks to the plastic shade, the lamp is lightweight. At the same time, dust is practically not noticeable on the matte silver surface. It is worth noting that this lamp has an IP-20 dust protection rating. Powered by 2G11 fluorescent lamps with a maximum power of 11V. The operating voltage is 220-240 Volts. The switch is of high quality, located on the base.

ArtStyle TL-209B

This is a stylish lamp from ARTSTYLE. Almost all models from this manufacturer guarantee high-quality light, but you have to pay more for this. The manufacturer is clearly not happy with the pricing policy, which cannot be said about the quality of the products. The TL-209B model supports three color temperatures at once, including 3000K, 4200K and 5500K. There is a USB port for charging. The model does not emit any UV and infrared rays. Does not contain mercury and other hazardous substances for the body. At the same time, the manufacturer claims that the model reduces eye fatigue, which is extremely important when creating a manicure. Among the advantages of this model should also include the presence of an LCD display, which displays brightness, calendar, alarm clock and even a thermometer.

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